My Favorite Kitchen Toys

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

If you want to make your kitchen time more enjoyable, investing in some high quality tools that will last for decades, if treated correctly, will make a world of a difference in the texture of your food preparation and not to mention decrease your time in the kitchen as well. Investing in quality kitchen tools is like investing in your health, because with them, you'll have the ability to make healthy meals and treats regularly in your own home plus you'll be able to save by making it yourself versus going out to grab a smoothie or acai' bowl.

My first kitchen toy obsession is my Blendtec blender! Blendtecs are comparable to Vitamix, which my mother still had her original Vitamix blender which she purchased in the 80's in order to make her own baby food for my brothers and I. So if that doesn't shine a light on quality & durability of these blenders I don't know what else to tell you. Now the reason I currently prefer a Blendtec over a Vitamix is that Blendtec sells what they call a Twister Jar, which I have provided a linked for, is an attachment that can be used to grind up nuts & seeds, to make spreads & doughs, and pretty much functions as a food processor. Blendtecs as well as Vitamix, come with an 8-10 year warranty. I investedin my Blendtec after spending hundreds of dollars on blenders that would burn out within a year or less of time plus were no where near to the power in performance that my Blendtec offers. There's no going back for me! The only other company I would consider buying is a Vitamix.

My second must have kitchen toy is my food processor! I love this appliance for making doughs. hummus, spreads, ricing veggies, plus it comes with attachments for shredding & slicing.. I have had mine for almost a decade now and has never failed me. Super durable and strong, my only complaint about it is that it is quite large for small jobs like mincing up garlic or ginger, or just wanting to make a small batch of a recipe.

I did finally give in to a getting myself a smaller food processor from Cuisinart, which if you are just a one person household may be suitable for your food prepping needs, though it will require more time in the kitchen if you are batch prepping for the week and unfortunately does not come with the shredding and slicing attachments. And while the price point may be a determining factor, one thing to consider is that the smaller versions aren't as strong as the 7 cup version, this will contribute to more time & patience needed in the kitchen, which I have personally experienced, especially while making my nice cream recipes.

Now for my handy dandy adjustable ceramic mandolin slicer. Don't under estimate the amazing possibilities of this little gadget! I absolutely love this tool and fell that so many would love spending time in the kitchen creating meals with just this simple tool. I especially love the fact that this one is adjustable so that you may determine the desired thickness of your veggies being sliced.

If you want to enjoy noodles with out all the starchy processed calories, a spiralizer is a great toy to add to your collection of kitchen gadgets. This particular one is electric so even a child can do it, and comes with 2 different blade attachments for different style noodles. I whip this tool out to make my vegan phad thai, spaghetti & meatless balls, plus many other dishes.

If you are trying to budget yourself maybe go for the tools you are lacking from your kitchen first. Or do what I did with my Blendtec, open a Best Buy credit card account and pay zero interest for 6 months to a year, depending on your total. Another strategy to consider while deciding which tools to invest in is if you'll be making food for your entire house hold or just yourself. because this will drastically influence which tools will make your life easier while maybe some of your family members can pitch in on the manual knife skills and your new blender takes care of the of some of the other recipes tasks.

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