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Classic Nut Mylks Recipes & Guide

Classic Nut Mylks Recipes & Guide


Ditch The Dairy! Drink Nuts! 


Switch to from Cow's Milk to Nuts Mylks once and for all with this extremely easy and to the point guide!

Cow's milk in any form, cheese, yogurt, ice creams, protein supplements is the ABSOLUTE worst animal product we can consume. Causing an array of hormonal imbalances, sinus infections, skin disorders like acne & eczema, osteoporosis & arthritis, and worst of all cancers of all forms.

Nuts are loaded with protein, iron, calcium, brain boosting omegas, antioxidants, & fiber, with out all the body damaging baggage of cow's milk. 

Store bottle nut milks are a great transition, but if you really want to start feeling your best, take the time to make your own nut milks. Literally takes minutes, especially if you have a high speed blender. 

What are you waiting for, get ready to taste & feel the difference!

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