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Get Healthy & Save!


Raw Fit Beauty's first bundle package is designed to personalize you're healing path why providing you with and abundance of delicious plant based recipes, no one can resist, along with a consultaiton by Nicole Rodriguez, a registered dietitian nutritionist. 


In this bundle you will receive  RFB's Magical Fruitox Guide, Summer Nice Cream & Fresca Recipe Ebook, Classic Nut Mylk Ebook, Fire Cider Immune Shot Recipe, personalized Herbal Rx, plus an Initial Nutrition Consultation with 1 Follow Up Session. 


Benefits from this bundle may be improved energy & digestion, less bloating & gas, understanding what your true protein needs are and how to meet your needs, a personalized herbal Rx to assist in healing, weight loss towards ideal body weight, improved lab work, healthier looking skin and hair.